healthy indoor climate
saves energy
  • Works with your hrv or air heating
  • Works automatic
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership

Humidifier and cooler!

The HomEvap is the most quiete and most energy efficient humidifier and cooler available. The HomEvap improves your comfort at home and provides a healthy indoor environment.

No more complaints about stinging eyes, irritated noses and static shocks with the HomEvap.

People suffering from asthma benefit greatly from a good humidifier like the HomEvap. It reduces dust and ensures a constant humidity in the home. In addition, a proper humidity protects your precious art, wooden floors and musical instruments.

Are you not able to cool your home than the HomEvap is the solution. It provides sufficient cooling for a pleasant indoor climate and you can have a good night rest during the hot summer period. The HomEvap is connected to a water supply and drainage. The controller ensures automatic operation. So no manual filling and cleaning filters. You always have an optimal indoor climate.

Customer experience:

Dhr Vullings:

“Because of the HomEvap it’s always comfortable in our house. In addition it protects our wooden floor and art. The maintenance is minimal, just after 4 years. We definitely see the added value!

Dhr Schellekens

We have two HomEvaps on our HRV, one for cooling and one for humidification. Our daughter is asthmatic and the HomEvap reduces dust. So we have a healthier indoor climate.