healthy indoor climate
saves energy

Office Buildings

Do you notice that your staff complains about dry eyes, aching nose and throat? Charge of static shocks? Then the air in your office is too dry. The solution is to increase relative humidity. This can be done in a very simple way without the need for major investments.

Comfort and health
A good indoor climate ensures more comfort. It reduces absenteeism and increases employee productivity. There are several factors that play a role in this, such as ventilation, light and good relative humidity. According to a study by Harvard, moisture is one of the 9 factors that adds to a healthy and green office. The humidifiers of HomEvap have a safe operation through the patented legionella filter and optimally through the built-in preheater.

Decentralize and cool
The humidifiers of HomEvap are easy to mount between the channels of your existing air ducts. This way, it can be moistened and cooled only where necessary.