healthy indoor climate
saves energy


Do you suffer at home from itchy eyes, a sore nose or throat, dry skin, or static shock? Do you suffer ore from asthma? Then the air in your apartment is probably too dry. Too dry air in your home not only gives health problems, but also shrinking and creaky floors. And damage (cracks / shrinkage) to your art and antiques.

The solution is: Increase the humidity in your apartment.

Especially for this purpose we developed the HomEvap.

The energy-efficient HomEvap increases the humidity in your home, reducing the symptoms and increase your sense of comfort.

Apartments with a heat recovery system (HRV) have a central suction channel, which remains warm very long because the structure absorbs heat. As a result, it is often too hot in the house, especially in the summer.

A WTW without bypass (heat recovery where the evening air does not pass through the heat exchanger but past it so that it is not heated) the cool air warms the heat stored in the house. That warm air is then blown into your home while you just want more cooling. The HomEvap is the perfect solution. It cools and humidifies the air, allowing you to sleep in a nice cool bedroom.