healthy indoor climate
saves energy

Houses, wooden skeleton & passive houses

Are you suffering at home from stinging eyes, a sore nose or throat, dry skin and static shocks? Do you suffer more from asthma? Then the air in your home is probably too dry. Too dry air in your home not only provides health complaints but also shrinking and creaky floors, art and antiques that shrinks and cracks.

The solution is to increase the humidity in your home. We have developed the HomEvap. HomEvap increases the humidity in your home thereby decreases the complaints and increases the feeling of comfort.

If you have a house with a heat recovery system then the HomEvap Humidifier, Cooler or Combi Comfort apply. These models can be connected directly to the heat recovery system and are therefore not visible in the house. If you do not have a heat recovery ventilation system than the HomEvap Direct is applicable. Automatic and invisible!

Wooden skeleton and passive construction

Precisely the inhabitants of timber frame and passive construction like to have a comfortable climate at minimal energy costs. Their homes are well insulated and equipped with a ventilation system. To adverse effects of expansion and contraction of the wooden parts this type of housing benefit from a good humidity. HomEvap extend the life of these homes and improve their indoor climate by keeping the humidity at the right level.