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Safety Warning

SAFETY WARNING HomEvap Humidifier

This safety warning concerns all humidifiers ( part of combi comfort) produced between November 2016 and December 2020.It concerns the HomEvap humidifier which is installed by your local installer in the supply air duct of the HRV system.

The HomEvap Humidifier may pose the following security risks:

  1. IF HomEvap is NOT unplugged from mains power supply AND a person is performing a cassette change, he/she could touch live parts of the built in pre-heater.

  1. IF HomEvap humidifier is NOT unplugged from mains power supply AND a person forces the lid at the bottom , he could touch live parts 230vac.

If the HomEvap is not opened and internal parts are not touched and no work is carried out on the HomEvap, these risks do not exist.

If you are in possession of a HomEvap, pls make note of the following:

  • Use the HomEvap as intended.
  • Read and Follow the installation and maintenance manuals provided at all times.
  • ALWAYS disconnected mains power supply, before commencing any maintenance or other actions.

If you have a HomEvap humidifier, you can report this to Homevap at:

HomEvap will contact you as soon as possible, by the end of January 2021 at the latest, with a action plan to solve this safety issue. We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for the inconvenience.